Weekly Post 9.


Time Lapse videos for this week are up! Check out the links below:

Time Lapse for 9 July
Time Lapse for 10 July
Time Lapse for 12 July
Time Lapse for 13 July

Also, photos for each day are up. Click to view them!

Weekly Post 8.


No photos for this week! But do check out our facebook group SOC Raggers 2012 for our daily time lapse video! :) 

Or you can just click on the links below:
Time Lapse for 2 July 2012 - completed mache for tower roof and sponsor logo (drive.sg)
Time Lapse for 3 July 2012 - halfway through mache-ing of tower grooves 
Time Lapse for 5 July 2012 - mache-ing tower grooves and mirror
Time Lapse for 6 July 2012 - did you spot the orange fox?
Time Lapse for 7 July 2012 - did you spot the green dinosaur?

And also check this out! (a short time lapse we made for fun :P )

Ok, done. 
See you guys again next week!

Weekly Post 7.


Hey guys! Time for weekly updates again! :)

Rag had quite a crowd on Monday, and we managed to complete quite alot of stuffs within the day. Everyone was busy cutting magazines for mache, and also mache-ing the cottage roof together with newspapers. Of course, we also had fun playing some card games together!
Monday was also our first Rag Dance practice! The turnout was quite good too. Spot yourself/your fellow friends in the photos!

Tuesday was not too bad as well, completed the first layer of mache on the top part of the tower and the roof too! Also had some can cutting to make tessellations for the cottage roof using mainly coke cans...
Continued with more mache-ing on Thursday as well. Mache-ed the tiles for the tower with red and also cutting and folding the little triangles for the cottage roof...
Dance practices continued as well, dancers managed to learn quite some moves over just two days :) 
Chervin managed to complete part of his nyan cat project.
Removed the clock tower door from 2009 Rag...
Had evening sports session: Frisbee at SRC
And then we had quite a nice korean dinner at Jcube!
Built L-bar structures on the lorry on Saturday, and mache-ed the tower roof using brochures given to us.
Long week of Rag this week. Don't forget we have Saturday Rag from now on so do join us if you are free! :D
Born this way!


Born this way!

Weekly Post 6.


(updated on 24/06/12) 

Hi Guys!!! :D

Hope all of you enjoyed Computing Camp! Here's some photos taken during the camp, during Rag Interaction when you guys were learning how to mache and making your own flag!
Though camp is now over, Rag is still on! As part of the Freshmen Orientation Project (Camp, Rag & Flag, Oweek) Rag is the only one that stretches the whole of summer! So do come down to school (SR2) when you are free and help out with Rag! Get to interact with fellow freshies and seniors, know more about school life and basically (lol ryan your favourite word during camp) just have fun before the new semester starts! :D

You will only be a freshie once, so don't miss out on all these projects specially organised for you! The feeling will be really different once all the lectures and tutorial starts, and you will surely miss all these moments with your friends when you basically just have fun and not have anything to worry about!

Hope to see all of you for Rag! We'll basically be in school almost everyday (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) and Mon & Thurs are stayover days so you can also choose to bring your "barang barang" and stayover in school with us! We'll also try to organise other activities like sports/outings to make Rag more exciting and enjoyable for all of you! Weekend Rag may also start soon, so for those of you who are working, do check this site for updates too! :) 

Rag float building will continue tmr, while Rag Dance will officially start next monday do so get ready for it!!! 

Had quite a crowd for rag on thurs and fri. Thanks to all the freshies and seniors who came to help out! Managed to complete quite some stuffs with all your help, thank you all! :D

Of course it's not all just work, people are having fun as well, watching videos, mache-ing on each other's hands, singing together, photo bombing, etc etc etc...let's check out the photos then :) 
And here's what we have completed so far...
Plus we had a surprise birthday celebration for Shah and Jianwei! :D


Weekly Post 5.


Another week of Rag! let's see what we have done so far...
Captions on the photos, click to enlarge :)
Ohhh and computing camp is starting today! Do enjoy the camp and see you around during camp! :D

Weekly Post 4.


(updated on 09/06/12)  

This week we are back in SR2 doing rag! Check out how the room looks and rmb to ask for a safety briefing from Ryan or Jianwei when you come down for the first time :) You can also refer to the image below to get a general idea of the room layout.
Mache-ing continues this week, or you can do some can-cutting as well to train your finger muscles (if there is any) :P
Else if you are feeling too stressed from exams last semester and have the urge to tear up some books, you can help us with separating the various chapters of the old comics. There are boxes of them so don't worry that there is not enough for you to "de-stress"! ;D
We've also made more progression to our main structure, in addition to the "chicken coop" that was featured in the previous post. A part of it is made from cupboard boxes, while the other part is made using Styrofoam. And now, we introduce: The almighty UFO. Check out the pictures below where we had some fun posing with the structure! :D
Thurs was Rag's first movie outing! Watched Snow White and the Huntsmen!

And we had Joint and Construction workshop at BCA Academy on Fri. One day crash course learning how to be a construction worker haha. Rag will continue next week so do come for it :)
Let's also not forget about Dance Open Classes! This is the second week of class, and next week is going to be the last, so hurry come down for the classes before you regret it! 
On a side note, Computing Camp is coming up next week, from 15 June to 19 June. Do visit camp's website at http://camp.nuscomputing.com/ for more information! Join the camp cos it'll be funnnn!!! :D

that's all for this week. goodbye!

Weekly Post 3.


Hey guys!

Another week of rag have gone by. We've been busy marche-ing this week, and also trying to complete some of our main structures. Here's some pictures that we took... 
The first Dance Open Class has also started this week. Do check out our photos from Computing Camp facebook group here.  Don't worry if you missed the classes this week, there will still be more sessions coming up in the next two weeks, so do come down to SOC every mon, tue and thurs night from 7pm to 9pm. (location is COM1, outside undergrad offce) 

And we shall continue again next week. Enjoy your weekends then! :D 
Second week since rag started! Here's what we have done so far on Monday and Tuesday:
(and we shall let the pictures do the talking! :p) - click to enlarge/see captions, if any.

oh and we welcome our first two freshies, Zi Xuan and Chesed for joining us! :D (Freshies! feel free to come down too and make friends before camp starts too!)
And let's all wish Sally a Happy Happy Birthday today! (23 May 2012) :D he must be enjoying the 10 cups of gong-cha from Ryan now. (*ps: if you like gong cha, you know who to look for! haha)

ok and that's all for now! 
Greetings once again friends,

The SoC dance open classes will be starting really soon and I can't wait to meet all of you. Some of you may be wondering what might actually be happening since all we did was mention we will be having open classes with no further elaboration so here is the low-down of what will be happening.

Starting next week, we will be having three classes a week for three weeks (on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays) from 7-9pm @ outside Seminar Room 1, COM1 (I'll include directions at the bottom of the post). Classes will start at 7pm sharp so please arrive 15 minutes early to warm up. Depending on the choreo, classes may extend to 9.30pm so be prepared (if you need to leave at 9pm sharp regardless, we won't stop you =D).

I am a street style dancer so I will only be covering street dances during the open classes. Nevertheless, I will try to cover as much ground as I can so over the nine classes that we have, I will be covering styles such as L.A. Hip Hop, Popping, Jazz Funk and KPop. I will cater to the speed of the entire class so you need not be shy even if you have no prior dance experience.

Lastly and most importantly, please come properly attired. Anything which is comfortable and does not restrict your movement will be fine. We will be dancing on tiled floors so sneakers are a must. The choreos will be a little intense so please remember to bring your own water bottles and stay hydrated.

That is all I have to say for now. If you haven't already signed up, please hit the 'Join Us' tab above so that we can keep you posted with the latest Rag updates. With that, I look forward to meeting you all next Monday =D

~ Jesmond, your friendly SoC Rag Dance Choreographer


Directions to SoC


We are located at the School of Computing, COM1 building as noted by the red marker. The most convenient way to get to SoC is via the A1 shuttle bus (refer to the map for detailed bus stop listings). At night, the shuttle buses run at a frequency of 30 minutes so the wait might be a little long.

If you are coming from Kent Ridge MRT, exit at NUH and board the A1 bus on the NUH side of the road. Ride the bus for about nine stops. The SoC bus stop is located within a carpark so it is pretty hard to miss. Once alighted, enter COM1 through the main entrance and walk upstairs to level two. We will be right there so you can't miss us =D