Greetings friends,

I have a very important announcement to make. As a precursor to the start of Rag dance, we will be organising open classes for all School of Computing students, past, present and near future. Unfortunately, we do not really have the budget to hiring external professional instructors so you will have to bear with having me conduct the lessons >.<

We have not finalised the logistics for the classes yet but the tentatively we will start conducting the classes from the last week of May till the second week of June (just before the start of our Freshman Orientation Camp 2012 from 15 June to 19 June, more details for the camp at We will be catering towards a more beginner crowd so do not be afraid if you have no prior dance experience. Even if you do, feel free to come down anyway and kill my choreos. We will not be covering any of the choreos that will be used for Rag so these classes are legitimately open classes and not just extra practice sessions for Rag.

The most important point about these classes that I need to highlight is that we will not force any commitments on anyone who comes for the classes. So if you are unsure of your dance abilities or if you do not know if you can commit to Rag or if you simply have some free time on your hands, just come down for the open classes. 

Speaking from the heart, I have a few reasons for hosting these open classes. Firstly, it is because I enjoy dancing and I want to spread that love to the people in SoC. I know a few people who want to try picking up dancing but are too shy or too unsure of their own abilities and I want to hopefully give people like them a start. It may not be much but I want to share my dance experiences with more than just those who will be committing to Rag dance. Secondly, for those who are interested in joining Rag dance, it is a chance for you to see my style and experience how I teach. I will be choreographing majority of this year's Rag performance and I think it is good for those who wish to join to have a taste of what it will be like before they dive head first into Rag. Lastly, speaking on behalf of the Rag committee as a whole, I believe that Rag is more than just the performance at the end. It is about the experiences that we will have over this summer. As such, I hope these classes help make Rag dance more than just a 6 minute performance in August. I want it to be a summer long dance experience open to anyone in SoC.

Now, if you are still reading up till this point, it means that you are at least somewhat interested in these classes. As I mentioned above, we are still finalising the dates, timings and venues for these classes so please do sign up at the 'Join Us' tab above. I emphasise again these classes are commitment-free and are open to all SoC students.

That is all I have to say for now. To my fellow SoC students, all the best for you incoming finals. To all SoC alumni, do come back and share your words of wisdom if you can. To the incoming freshies, welcome to SoC, I hope you enjoy your four-year stay here =D

Looking forward to seeing all of you,
Jesmond, your friendly SoC Rag Dance Choreographer

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