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Hi peeps !! SOC's Vice Rag Head/Bouncer jianwei is here. Why am I the bouncer? It all started last year before our performance..ALERT: long post ahead!

I was in SOC's rag dance last year. We were initially shorthanded but we trained hard and did our best despite conflicting schedules. I had more or less learnt the full choreo and 3 dances albeit with many psychomotor problems. My thanks to Jesmond(our choreo) for his patience and guidance. 
Shifu Jesmond
Then the worse thing that could happen happened. I had contracted CHICKEN POX. This was three weeks before D-day. A few things went through my head aside from the searing fever - like what if I had given someone else chicken pox too?Who was going to fill my spot as stunter and dancer? On a more personal note I was also going to miss many camps and stuff I had planned beforehand. In any case, I had to inform Jesmond ASAP which was the least I could do. As I expected, when I broke the bad news to him through phone, a loud "NOOOOoooo!!!!" could be heard ringing through my ears. At that point I was thinking to myself "Am going to be the guy who gave everyone chicken pox and cause SOC's rag to come crashing down? What an "awesome" way to start my uni life -_-"

But thanks to some divine luck due to my good karma ? or some would say when god closes a door he opens another. As luck would have it, NO ONE had got my chicken pox even though I had slept in the same room as the dancers/raggers the night before I discovered I had chicken pox. In addition, minutes before I had told Jesmond that I had chicken pox, 2 people expressed interest to join rag dance but at that point it was quite hard to fill them into the choreo as everyones position was already fixed but now that I was out of the picture they could fill my spot easily. Is this what you call divine intervention?

Now you might think what did all this have to me becoming a bouncer. EVERYTHING. You see one week before D-day I had recovered from my affliction albeit with some scars. And although everything went better than expected in the end I still felt uneasy backing out at the last moment as we had trained a substantial time together so I asked Jesmond if I could still contribute. Hence, Sir Bouncer Lee was born.  
Bouncer Hair
Time sure flies...Now we are planning a new rag and with your help we can make it the best one to date!! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!! Next post will probably be more about me, then as we get closer to rag we will update you more on what we are doing. Hope this post wasn't too long :X Keep on trolling!
2/22/2012 09:06:19 pm

All hail the ever so patient Jesmond Chia!

2/22/2012 11:37:34 pm

Nice read. And thanks for the wonderful idea which solved much of our problems. (: hope it will be as epic as we see it to be.

2/23/2012 09:52:42 am

yea hopefully.*twist finger*

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