Why Rag?


i imagined rag as a large scale event with thousands of people, when it was first mentioned to me...

(well, its still kinda huge. considering we have to build an entire stage full of props and backgrounds from scratch.
and put it on a moving lorry.)
..coupled with my love for dance, i was easily "conned" into joining rag.

two years on, I still find myself being "conned" by an outdated but simple idea. to have fun!
yes, rag 2012 started all because a group of us decided to replicate the fun we had
and dedicate a summer to a bunch of people who we do not even know yet.
( and i really hope that the summer would be fun! )
but of course, behind all that fun is a lot of planning, and logistics, and brainstorming, and laughter and planning and logistics..
yeah. i'm writing this down to show that we din come together in a week before rag.

after so much talk, i have to say that i wouldn't do this if my friends are not here with me.
behind all the large floats and dazzling performances, rag is just an excuse for us to come together
during the hols, joke around and have drinks and whatnot. and of course, its even better
because different groups of people come each day and we get to hear of their stories and idiosyncracies
which we would never get to see during the stressful semester.

people, are what makes rag fun.
people, are the heart of rag.
people and their friends, builds rag little by little.
and rag, builds their friendships little by little.

ok. that's all for now. 10am lecture 2ml. life still goes on. -ryan

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