or not.

Its been a week since publicity started and i sure hope that keeping this blog updated
would keep you coming.
Yes, that "F*P" flyers idea that have been pasted on tables in Computing is from this Committee.
and if you would like updates from our progress, do sign up over at the Join Us! tab.

anyway, Jesmond went back and thought about our plot to finish what we have started.
so we basically are keeping the "Witch" idea, which our dear JieQi is SO excited about[=
our float would basically have both a castle and a cottage. (Yes kathy, we need a castle! lol)
how we going to do that? you have to come down and see for yourselves no? hehe =p

so, for those who are still undecided about joining rag. I'd say just sign up and when 
RAG proper starts, we contact u and you can come down for a day or two to see for yourselves.
if you feel uncomfortable, drag a friend or two, 
and we'll make rag, fun for you! 
(ok, that was trying too hard to rhyme. haha)

PS: we got drinks from DUBAI now on sale in the CompClub fridge, drop by to buy one,
and dun forget to throw the empty cans(washed and unwashed) into our recycle bins!

-till next time, ryan!

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