Open House 2012!


In preparation for Open House 2012,
we wanted to make a little prototype of our float.

so we decided to make use of the skirt that we found on the figurines the other time,
as roof materials.
it looked quite awesome, but den it made the mushroom side looked... not as appealing.
and we did our math, we actually needed 2,902 figurines to cover our float.
(and we only have 80, lol)
so, we have to make some changes to that plan den. =/
while we did the structure on tuesday, we found that the we couldn't leave our
materials bare for the world to see. so we did this...
dunno wad materials we used?
*head over to to get a clue!
i dun have the pre-photos but after some mini-tesselation, it did turn out pretty well [=
rag note: if u haven't realized, our designer Kathy(aka K-jie), is camera shy. 
she was actually behind these castles before i took the photo. and zoom* she disappeared. lol
i should totally set up a photo hunt contest, capture Kathy in a photo. haha.
and apparently, my vice is camera shy too:
nuff said, look below for the completed photos[=...
...and the mess before that.

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