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Hi! My first post! :D

Hmm, so I shall share about my very first Rag experience last year :)

I was first introduced to Rag through the publicity brochures and videos which were screened during the Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) last year. I think part of the reason why I joined rag was because of what I saw in the video performances and the “behind-the-scenes” moments that were captured. I was intrigued by how they were able to transform a lorry (and bare metal frames) into a nicely decorated float. It was really amazing, looking at how they made use of different materials for the detailing works of the different parts of the float. Of course, being a freshie then, I was still very blur and unfamiliar with everything. Initially, the thought of joining rag didn’t really come across my mind, as I was still feeling quite foreign to the school and the people around me. It was only until my OGLs brought us down to the rag room one day to “explore” and help out, and ever since then, I found myself going back to school just to help out with the building of the float. :)

So, another reason why I decided to help out in rag was because of the friendly and nice seniors/other freshies I met during the entire duration. I was really glad to be able to know many of them, and it was definitely fun "working" with them. There were always the occasional jokes and stories that the seniors will share, the interesting stuffs about uni life and even advices on modules etc that will really "spice up" the atmosphere.

Being part of SoC Rag 2011 was really an unforgettable experience for me. It was fun and enjoyable, although there were times when we were really tired staying up the whole night chiong-ing the float. But the satisfaction that you get when you see the final design up is more then enough to compensate those moments of exhaustions... :)

To me, rag is not solely about completing the float on time, but the process of building it is also important. It also sort of provides a platform for the seniors and freshies to interact with each other, to know more about the SoC culture and definitely a time for everyone to enjoy and relax before the hectic school life starts. It's definitely much different compared to term time, no constant worries about homework and studies...

That's why I decided to be part of rag again, to do something more.

So let's all work together and put in our best effort, and make Rag 2012 an unforgettable/memorable one! Heh and hope we can bring SoC Rag (& Flag) to greater heights! :D

Oh btw, just a short intro about myself, I'm currently a Year 1 student, majoring in Comms & Media (CM).

Till then.

Kathy ^^
2/1/2012 02:09:32 am

yay! finally someone posted sth. so fun to be able to read something other than my posts. and you took the short intro literally huh. lol.

nice post!! finally know wad is rag about to you, since u are usually just doing rag and not saying it.

yeah, let's make rag fun this year too[=

ps: if need help in 2100 pls dun hesitate to ask me. lol

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