Weekly Post.


Hi guys,
rag has actually started but we were too busy to do any posts.
For those of you who have signed up on this website, thanks
and hopefully we have replied all of you.
If not, just come down to rag every Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri and
we should be here.

When you come down to rag, please make sure to report to the
Central Processing Room (SR5) to check out our agenda for the day
and if you are new, our safety procedures.
Just a quick look at the CPR.
and we have not forgotten to set aside a room for tired raggers to just
chill and have some games.
that will be Recreational Room (TR5), RecreRoom for short.
some photos of the room...
oh ya. Rag is not all work and no play.
while we are free, we tried out some FOC games as well.

we call this, "The Chicken Fist Fight".
and we had our first injury for Rag. our dear John. and dun worry. it was not caused by the game.
Alex came to the rescue anyway, so if you are injured at Rag u know who to look for.
On friday, we went around  Sungei Kadut area to look for rattan as well. Thanks Jaryl who offered to drive us there. Managed to "collect" some rattan and hopefully they will come in useful!

That pretty much sums up rag for this week. Do join us next week as we'll be starting with our main structure and there will also be a rag workshop on tue. On that note, do check out the "calender" tab for the up-coming activities!

Enjoy your weekends and we hope to see you next week! :D

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