Weekly Post 4.


(updated on 09/06/12)  

This week we are back in SR2 doing rag! Check out how the room looks and rmb to ask for a safety briefing from Ryan or Jianwei when you come down for the first time :) You can also refer to the image below to get a general idea of the room layout.
Mache-ing continues this week, or you can do some can-cutting as well to train your finger muscles (if there is any) :P
Else if you are feeling too stressed from exams last semester and have the urge to tear up some books, you can help us with separating the various chapters of the old comics. There are boxes of them so don't worry that there is not enough for you to "de-stress"! ;D
We've also made more progression to our main structure, in addition to the "chicken coop" that was featured in the previous post. A part of it is made from cupboard boxes, while the other part is made using Styrofoam. And now, we introduce: The almighty UFO. Check out the pictures below where we had some fun posing with the structure! :D
Thurs was Rag's first movie outing! Watched Snow White and the Huntsmen!

And we had Joint and Construction workshop at BCA Academy on Fri. One day crash course learning how to be a construction worker haha. Rag will continue next week so do come for it :)
Let's also not forget about Dance Open Classes! This is the second week of class, and next week is going to be the last, so hurry come down for the classes before you regret it! 
On a side note, Computing Camp is coming up next week, from 15 June to 19 June. Do visit camp's website at http://camp.nuscomputing.com/ for more information! Join the camp cos it'll be funnnn!!! :D

that's all for this week. goodbye!

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