Weekly Post 6.


(updated on 24/06/12) 

Hi Guys!!! :D

Hope all of you enjoyed Computing Camp! Here's some photos taken during the camp, during Rag Interaction when you guys were learning how to mache and making your own flag!
Though camp is now over, Rag is still on! As part of the Freshmen Orientation Project (Camp, Rag & Flag, Oweek) Rag is the only one that stretches the whole of summer! So do come down to school (SR2) when you are free and help out with Rag! Get to interact with fellow freshies and seniors, know more about school life and basically (lol ryan your favourite word during camp) just have fun before the new semester starts! :D

You will only be a freshie once, so don't miss out on all these projects specially organised for you! The feeling will be really different once all the lectures and tutorial starts, and you will surely miss all these moments with your friends when you basically just have fun and not have anything to worry about!

Hope to see all of you for Rag! We'll basically be in school almost everyday (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) and Mon & Thurs are stayover days so you can also choose to bring your "barang barang" and stayover in school with us! We'll also try to organise other activities like sports/outings to make Rag more exciting and enjoyable for all of you! Weekend Rag may also start soon, so for those of you who are working, do check this site for updates too! :) 

Rag float building will continue tmr, while Rag Dance will officially start next monday do so get ready for it!!! 

Had quite a crowd for rag on thurs and fri. Thanks to all the freshies and seniors who came to help out! Managed to complete quite some stuffs with all your help, thank you all! :D

Of course it's not all just work, people are having fun as well, watching videos, mache-ing on each other's hands, singing together, photo bombing, etc etc etc...let's check out the photos then :) 
And here's what we have completed so far...
Plus we had a surprise birthday celebration for Shah and Jianwei! :D


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