Weekly Post 7.


Hey guys! Time for weekly updates again! :)

Rag had quite a crowd on Monday, and we managed to complete quite alot of stuffs within the day. Everyone was busy cutting magazines for mache, and also mache-ing the cottage roof together with newspapers. Of course, we also had fun playing some card games together!
Monday was also our first Rag Dance practice! The turnout was quite good too. Spot yourself/your fellow friends in the photos!

Tuesday was not too bad as well, completed the first layer of mache on the top part of the tower and the roof too! Also had some can cutting to make tessellations for the cottage roof using mainly coke cans...
Continued with more mache-ing on Thursday as well. Mache-ed the tiles for the tower with red and also cutting and folding the little triangles for the cottage roof...
Dance practices continued as well, dancers managed to learn quite some moves over just two days :) 
Chervin managed to complete part of his nyan cat project.
Removed the clock tower door from 2009 Rag...
Had evening sports session: Frisbee at SRC
And then we had quite a nice korean dinner at Jcube!
Built L-bar structures on the lorry on Saturday, and mache-ed the tower roof using brochures given to us.
Long week of Rag this week. Don't forget we have Saturday Rag from now on so do join us if you are free! :D

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