Weekly Post 8.


No photos for this week! But do check out our facebook group SOC Raggers 2012 for our daily time lapse video! :) 

Or you can just click on the links below:
Time Lapse for 2 July 2012 - completed mache for tower roof and sponsor logo (drive.sg)
Time Lapse for 3 July 2012 - halfway through mache-ing of tower grooves 
Time Lapse for 5 July 2012 - mache-ing tower grooves and mirror
Time Lapse for 6 July 2012 - did you spot the orange fox?
Time Lapse for 7 July 2012 - did you spot the green dinosaur?

And also check this out! (a short time lapse we made for fun :P )

Ok, done. 
See you guys again next week!

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